Evidence of MLS Growth: Exhibit #24

In this ongoing series of posts1, I present evidence of the growth of soccer in America. This evidence is intended to educate the public and silence the critics who think soccer is dead in this country. 

Speaking yesterday morning at the Bloomberg Sports Business Summit, Miami Dolphins Owner Stephen Ross acknowledged that he is seeking to acquire an MLS expansion franchise.

Ross’ RSE Ventures has been bringing European friendlies to Sun Life Stadium, and now Ross has his eye on the U.S. league according to Sports Business Daily. Ross did say, however, that MLS may not grow as large as some expect because media revenues are not so large.

BOTTOM LINE: Ross is saying that even if MLS doesn’t grow at the rate many people predict it will, he still thinks it will grow enough to be a worthwhile investment. I rest my case.

  1. By “ongoing” I mean “the first,” and by “series” I mean “there may be more.” []

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