Safety and Opportunity Are Not Mutually Exclusive

I’m of the opinion that we can protect our country while remaining a land of opportunity. It’s not an opinion shared by many conservatives, so when a powerful one agrees, I’m intrigued.

The Koch brothers, who lead the political network that donates hundreds of millions of dollars to conservative politicians, today denounced Trump’s executive order. From ABC News:

“We believe it is possible to keep Americans safe without excluding people who wish to come here to contribute and pursue a better life for their families,” Brian Hooks, who oversees the Koch network’s bi-annual seminars, said. “The travel ban is the wrong approach and will likely be counterproductive.

“Our country has benefited tremendously from a history of welcoming people from all cultures and backgrounds. This is a hallmark of free and open societies,” he added.

Maybe Trump will take note if more powerful donors speak up. Now is not the time to be silent.

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